SMS Philippines Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (SMS PH), established in November, 2014, is a wholly owned subsidiary of a No.1 healthcare information infrastructure company in Japan.

SMS PH is engaged in consultancy services in healthcare and in health information technology, as well as information infrastructure provision for:

  • healthcare related business providers (e.g., hospitals, clinics, medical schools, nursing homes, pharmaceutical companies).
  • healthcare professionals (e.g., doctors, nurses, caregivers, pharmacists).
  • end-users(general public).


Our Background

Senior Marketing System had its humble beginnings in 2003 in Japan. The founders, envisioning a society where patients and the elderly have full access to healthcare resources, established SMS group as an information aggregator and transmitter. In the following 8 years, SMS achieved tremendous growth by building information infrastructures for numerous areas in the healthcare sector. In 2011, SMS was listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange Section One, only 8 years after its foundation. Nowadays, SMS is one of the largest providers of healthcare information infrastructure in Japan, providing its services to more than 50% of the hospitals facilities and 20% of the nursing care facilities.

SMS also has have dominant access to medical professionals, such as doctors, nurses, nursing care givers, pharmacists, etc. SMS is continuing its effort to build an eco-system where healthcare information can be transmitted and reach every single citizen in need.

Sales Grow

SMS was established in 2003, when Japan’s long-term care insurance system was emerging. We initially focused on nursing care, and eventually extended its reach to the medical care, healthcare and senior life segments, launching over 40services along the way. Consequently, we have continued to increase its revenues and incomes ever since its founding.Going forward, demand in medical and nursing care will keep expanding as the population of seniors in Japan continues to grow, and living standards improve around the world.

We will continue to create services that realize the lively well being of all parties associated to the Nursing Care, Medical Care, Career, Healthcare and Senior Life Segments in order to fulfill our mission: to establish an “information infrastructure for an aging society.”

Global Segment

We have already expanded into 13 Asian countries, where we mainly offer medical-related services. As the circumstance of each country, though located in the same Asian region, is quite different, we aim to build an information infrastructure optimized for each country by deeply understanding their social and cultural backgrounds, the trends of their medical and nursing care policies, and their business environments. We have thus developed unique services in most countries, completely different from those offered in Japan. In addition, taking advantage of our wide presence in the whole Asian region, we endeavor to develop a cross-regional business by discovering a theme which is common to the countries.

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